Memories [A poem from the heart]


They pick us up when we’re down

They bring tears to our eyes

They remind us of all the good times we had

Hahahaha, remember when we shared those fries?

They connect our worlds when they’re apart,

And their surges of pain pulse through our minds like a beating heart.

With them we travel to the past,

And plan for the future that awaits us

They bring back times of loss, pain, hunger

But most of all, love.

With them, people may seem lost,

But they’ll always be with us

In our minds

In our hearts

They provide a sanctuary into which we may escape

Where we can leave behind all the bad in our lives

Peace, love, acceptance

After they are found,

It all washes away

The pain, the suffering

It all disappears

These memories help us along in life

They comfort us

They reassure us

They remind us of the reasons to live,

To follow our dreams,

To be all who we can be


To recall these events is a great gift

For they are what keeps us going in life

They are what help us to follow our dreams in strife

To prevail in times of sickness and hunger

To reach our goals and defy our destinies

With these endowments we succeed…


P.S. All the poems are this site are written by me and only me. So if you see them anywhere else, they are liars!!!!



  1. sushee Said:

    This poem is excellent my friend, excellent.

  2. Mary Said:

    SUSHEEEE!!! this is a VERY nice poem. COme chek out my poetry in my blog! it ll only take a sec. just wanna know wat u think

  3. thx will do!

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