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My Myspace


Very cool. Check it out. I need more friends on there! lol


Photoshop Tutorials


Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting new stuff lately. Been busy with softball tryouts and juggling school and friends at the same time! Well this is my new discovery. Pegaweb is this awesome Photoshop tutorial site. If you don’t know what you’re doing, try somewhere else first cause this site’s tutorials are a little advanced. But it’s still awesome! Come visit this site when you know the basics to Photoshop. Try it out!



Gmail is the next generation in online mail. Receive your messages faster(literally instantly!), and your inbox limit is almost 3gb!. It also includes an IM feature called Google Talk, and a super easy way to transfer your contacts from your current e-mail provider. Check out Gmail right now, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the results.

Linerider Beta 2


Check out this new Linerider! It’s the newer version that has way better features. Included in these features are accelerator lines, visual lines (the rider passes right through ’em), an eraser, checkpoints, and a couple others. Make sure you don’t make your “riding experience” too long though, ’cause the save feature has a limited size. Besides that, very much better than v.1. Check it out!!!

Want Faster Internet?


The answer is simple! Get Firefox! Firefox uses your current Internet Explorer connection to connect to the Internet, so there’s no need to sign up for some “special” service. In addition to faster Internet, Firefox gives you better abilities to protect your PC. Such as better virus, pop-up, and Internet security. Plus, you can customize your Internet window with many different unique themes to choose from. You can also add great plug-ins and add-ons too!!! Like I said, the answer is simple, GET FIREFOX!!!

The Super Easy and Super Fast Ninjawords

This site is just like, but it looks cooler, it’s faster, and you can look up multiple words at a time. Check it out.

Portrait Illustrator (Avatar Maker)


This site is awesome! You can make your own Avatars and portraits for your blog or webpage. Check it out. (It’s where I made the one on this site.)