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Has now changed it’s name to Air Rivals. Not the best name for a sick ass game like that, you know a little pansie-ish. But they were gonna get sued so what do you expect? Same game, just different name. Haha that rhymed. Peace! 


Space Cowboy is Back!

And with a vengeance. Hahaha. just kidding. But seriously. IT IS BACK. Now known as Flysis, SCO has been reborn in an exact replica of its former self. With a few tweaks here and there, Flysis has come to be one of the most addicting games I have ever played. AND IT IS TOTALLY AWESOME TOO! Check it out with this link. You WONT be disappointed.



Game specs coming soon. 😉

SpaceCowboy Decommissioned?

WTFX UP with that?

Here’s the letter from the General Manager of Gala-Net:

Dear SCO Community,

For some time now, a large majority of you have been crying out for answers. The lack of content updates, the continual updates made to Ace Online overseas, and my diminished presence in the SCO community. I am writing this letter to give you all the answers you seek and deserve, however these may not be the answers you wanted to hear.

As some of you may know, Ace Online is now owned by another publisher. Gala-Net was given a cease and desist letter from this publisher, requesting that we shut down Space Cowboy as they now possess the rights to the game within the US region. We here at Gala-Net immediately resisted this claim and began to take action. Several plans and proposals were formed by us here at Gala-Net, and I was sent to Korea in an attempt to negotiate some sort of compromise.

Gala-Net has fought for one of two goals. Either the continuation of our service in the US complete with updates, or the voluntary transfer of your characters to a new publisher.s service. We recognize that many of you have spent a significant amount of your time in our game worlds. It is this very reason for which we fought with great resolve. Unfortunately no compromise was able to be reached, and no transfer could be agreed upon.

For the past few months the SCO forums have been filled with complaints and angry posts regarding the status of the game. These posts are written by players of every gear, every faction, and every country of the real world. Many of you have taken note of my patience during this era of flaming and hatred.

I have patience with the anger of this community because I share that anger with you. Space Cowboy is a game of great potential. It has been a game of recreation, a game of solitude, a game of friends and comrades, a game of conflict and competition. In my time here working on SCO, I have seen leaders succeed and fail, I have seen heroes rise and fall, and I have seen brigades form and dissolve.

I have done everything within my power to fight for Space Cowboy, and I do not possess a single regret regarding my work here. Gala-Net has been incredibly supportive in my fight for SCO, however unfortunately, sometimes passion and hard work just isn’t enough.

Space Cowboy servers will be shutting down on 12/26/2007. Gala-Net cares deeply for our users, and we wish to provide those who have supported us with various forms of reimbursement. You can see whether or not your account is eligible by clicking here.

For SCO Forum, please click here

Thank you,

GM Xarfox

Well, thats a bunch of bull. But, what can we do? We’re only the thousands of people that played the game almost everyday of our lives. What do we matter? Money, money, money. That’s all that matters to them. And why would you sell one of the most played online games in the world to another publisher, OVERSEAS? Stupid decision on their part. Oh well, time to go find another MMORPG. Lots out there anyway.

Battle Field 2


Battle Field 2 is an awesome game! Debuting on both the PS2 and the PC, it might just be one of the best shooter franchises ever! The game controls are very simple, and the different game modes are sick. Online play is a sinch, and the different classes are easy to master. I would recommend both, but I favor the PC version over the PS2 ’cause the PC has better graphics, faster game play, and of course more people! And, I think the PC version has something like 2-3 more classes than the PS2 version does…

Anyway, buy it!

P.S. Click on the picture to view the official game site!

Space Cowboy


Space Cowboy! If not the, one of the best online games I’ve ever played! Space Cowboy has great graphics, an awesome battle system, and sick customization! There are four Gears, your aircraft, classifications that you can choose from; A-Gear(Tank), B-Gear(Bomber, and the best looking!), M-Gear(Assister), and the I-Gear(Sniper). I love the easy controls and creative monsters, and the formation, where you can create a team and form a connected group with your Gears(Like Power Rangers! lol), characteristic is also a plus. All in all, Space Cowboy is one of the best games GPotato has ever made! Recommended you try it out.

Corum Online


Corum online is another MMORPG, but has a huge file size of almost one gig. I haven’t been able to play it yet, but I very much intend too! Just lookin at the reviews and screen shots is enough to download it! The game includes a great story line and 6 character classes to choose from. Graphics are much better than most online games, and the best part is, it’s free! Customizable characters are also a plus, in addition to an all new item shop. Check it out.

Another Great Shooter


Except this one’s third person! GunZ is one of the many great games that Ijji has produced. It is online play, so expect some competition. There are lots of great players waiting to school you!!! I’ve learned that first hand! hahahaha lol. GunZ had me addicted as a Beta tester until they removed it from play until now! It doesn’t require a great graphics card or a bunch of RAM either, which is a major plus for me (considering my computer sucks!). Make sure you register, because you need to before you attempt to download the client. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. :]

P.S. You can only activate the game on Internet Explorer!

Linerider Beta 2


Check out this new Linerider! It’s the newer version that has way better features. Included in these features are accelerator lines, visual lines (the rider passes right through ’em), an eraser, checkpoints, and a couple others. Make sure you don’t make your “riding experience” too long though, ’cause the save feature has a limited size. Besides that, very much better than v.1. Check it out!!!

Best Online Shooter Ever!!!


Warrock is one of the best shooter games I’ve ever played online. I’d say its only rival is Counterstrike! And there are some features this game has that Counterstrike doesn’t. Such as, the roll feature, and it’s also free!!! Warrock has three game modes: close quarters combat, where you and your team are required to place bombs in certain positions, and detonate them to gain points; urban ops is a team played match where you and your team must conquer bases to provide more spawn points for your team mates. To win the game, your team must reduce your opponent’s kill counter down to zero by killing members of the other team; and finally, battle group. I haven’t played this mode yet, but I suspect that it’s an all out artillery battle. This game has it all! Click on this link, sign up, download the client, and start playing now!!!



Try this site for awesomely cool flash games. They host games like Linerider, Tank, and God’s Playing Field. Lots of fun check it out.